7-Second Thoughts January 6, 2024

How to talk to your next boss

If you’re looking for full time or freelance work, ask a favor from the people you most want to work for.

I’ve had a lot of calls from solopreneurs this week who are looking for contract and even full time work.

You could do worse

By starting out conversations

With future employers or clients

Than asking for a few minutes of their time

For some feedback.

It might be a zoom

Phone call

Or even to sign up for your email list.

See if this helps:

Start with your 1st-degree LinkedIn connections

Right away, you’ll see lots of faces

But more importantly

You’ll see lots of ideas

Of where you’d like to work next.

Then …

Start a direct message (DM)

With a little script:

Hey [FIRST NAME], I’m looking for a little feedback on my resume/portfolio/profile page to help me land a role as a [JOB TITLE].

Can we have a quick chat?

I’m here,


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