7-Second Thoughts September 18, 2021

Is your website interested in your prospects?

When someone isn’t interested in you, you’re probably not interested in them either. You’ve met these people. They tell you all about their business.

But they never get around to explaining how what they do affects their customers’ lives.




Not in the least. They’re literally not allowing you to get interested in what they do. Funny thing is, most businesses don’t sell to their prospects like that.

But their websites do. It’s the difference between “No One Sells More Real Estate Than Me” and …

Sell your home for the highest possible price, in the shortest time, with the fewest hassles and inconvenience. “Sell your home…” is the first 7 seconds of traviserickson.com. Travis is the most successful homeseller in my neighborhood. But when I go to his website, guess who feels like the rockstar real estate agent? ????‍♂️

I’m here,


P.S. If prospects aren’t contacting you directly off your website, it’s probably because your website isn’t interested in them. It’s a problem you can start to change in about 5 minutes: Enter the Elevator Pitcherator.

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