7-Second Thoughts November 22, 2023

Maybe don’t write your website

And here’s why: it’s probably gonna sound a little website-y

Instead, you might consider writing to your email list first.

Build the habit of different team members

Taking different days of the week

Or different sections of your prospect lists

And begin writing to them

With topics that you know you’ll need to write for eventually

On your website.

After about 4 months

Once your newsletter is in full swing

Go back to your email archive

And write your website

Based on the emails that got the highest response

Or that you feel best articulates what you do

And why your prospect should care.

This guarantees that all of your content

Website, email, LinkedIn, what have you

Will be laser-focused

On your biggest fans.

I’m here,


P.S. This is the same document I use with every client to write their website. But here’s the kicker. Your answers to any or all of the 7 questions are emails you can send out immediately to your list. Questions? Reply. Mind blown? Start now

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