7-Second Thoughts January 10, 2024

Name-dropping your new offering

Rather than focus on a catchy name for your new productized service, focus on the value you’re offering your client.

It happens to all of us

We come up with an idea

For a brand new offering

And immediately want to name it


Because we feel like if it doesn’t have a catchy name

It won’t be worth our time to flesh out the idea

When in reality

The name is the least important part

You can literally make it up at the very end

And change it later if you don’t like it

Because all your client cares about is the offer

And even more so

Understanding the offer

Trust me:

If you spend the majority of your time

Clarifying the offer itself

The right name

Or even the good enough name

Will come to you

At the very end.

I’m here, 


P.S. PRO TIP: Catchy names can actually make it harder for your prospect to understand what they’re getting.

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