7-Second Thoughts April 26, 2024

Open write nite

If you write consistently – 4+ days a week – you can find your audience just as well as any standup comedian.

Night after night

Or whenever you write

You offer your insight as best you can

Some nights you get a reply

Some nights you get an unsubscribe

Just keep coming back to the work

And your audience

Will find you.

It helps to have a built-in crowd:

Wanna build that audience quickly?

Post to any networking group you’re a part of

In a pinch

LinkedIn or even your fulltime or freelance gig

Will do just fine

And just say something like:

Hey everyone, I’m starting a daily email and it would be a huge help just knowing there are a few people reading it. Feel free to unsubscribe after a few days – I swear I won’t take it personally. 

I’m here,


P.S. I posted this to StoryBrand back when I was a Guide there and immediately got over 60 signups – almost everyone of them still subscribe. Your peeps will be there for you! (And thank you to my SB buds!)

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