7-Second Thoughts July 4, 2023

Pick your voices

Working FOR yourself doesn’t have to mean working BY yourself.

Being a solopreneur has its perks

But we always have to be aware

Of getting stuck listening to one voice


To the point where we wake up one day

And suddenly realize

We’re the Smartest Person in the Room.

See if this helps:

One source of outside voices you might consider is audiobooks

We tend to retain more information from audiobooks

But even the information isn’t the biggest benefit

It’s the voice itself

That is not our own

That can add make a meaningful difference

To our attitude.

In particular, books read by the author have a way of supplanting some of the doubts and fears in our own head

And replacing them with empowerment, empathy and insight

Simply through the tone and manor

That’s bringing you all of this newfound wisdom.

Just be sure and choose the voices you listen to wisely

Including your own.

I’m here,


P.S. So far I prefer Scripd over Audible.

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