7-Second Thoughts February 22, 2024

Positioning before play time

Trying to get to the fun part before you understand your client’s positioning often creates extra work, less profit and a much less enjoyable experience for everyone.

The beginning of any kind of marketing or advertising engagement is about positioning

Who is your client trying to reach?

What do they want?

What problems do they solve for their customers?

You might start to get clues about creative execution, but you won’t be doing much creative work at this point.

See if this helps:

Spend the first 3 or 4 sessions with your client hyper-focused on gathering as much of their insight into their business and their clients as possible

SPOILER ALERT: It’s going to involve a lot of “Why? Questions” and “Tell me what you mean by that’s”

When you have an idea what they want and the problems they solve

Then you get to play.

I’m here,


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