7-Second Thoughts February 21, 2024

R.I.P. “Just checking in … “

Every last word, right down to the “…” at the end, must rest in peace.

There is no value

No incentive

No calories

No satisfaction for the recipient

Or the sender

From an email with the subject line: Just checking in

See if this helps:

Set timer for 5 minutes.

Compose email

Write the words: Just checking in


And here’s why:

You gotta start somewhere and it IS where we all want to start and besides, we just want to get through this as quickly as possible so we can get to the editing phase.

So literally start with: Just checking in

But finish the sentence¬†with something like: just checking in to see if I could offer anything of value ‚Ķ oh, now that I’m on the topic, what could I offer that is of value?


* something that reminded me of your business that might help

* a small, practical way to solve the problem that I remembered you mentioning once

* a highlight from the careful notes I took that actually helped MY business so thank you!

Now go back and fill in all the blanks

And wrap up with a “hope you’re well” or personal sentiment

At the end of the day:

You’re simply swapping out: hate to bother you

For something a friend would say

Something like:

Thinking of you.

I’m here,


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