7-Second Thoughts November 21, 2023

Reply School

There are better ways to prompt a reply than the ole’, “Just making sure you got my message.”

It’s safe to assume that your prospect did NOT get your message.

They’re busy – that’s what makes them a good prospect.

But even if they did, your “just making sure” is unlikely to prompt a reply because it isn’t doing enough to move the conversation forward.

Just. Wait.

Until you have something to say

Based on your shared history

And all the active listening you’ve done

And all the notes you’ve taken from your time together

And check in

Without “just checking in”

But rather …

With something that will help them

Such as:

A recommendation

A quick solution to a problem that they told you they had

An introduction to a person that might help

Heck, a restaurant recommendation for the vacay they said they were going on

Anything that’s not too dissimilar

From something you’d say

To a friend.

I’m here,


P.S. This happens a LOT. You add a super brief bit of words to the conversation over a few months. Move the ball down the field – a few yards at a time. And then one day, you come up with a little something. A question. An idea. A favor you need. And your prospect replies, “Happy to help! And oh by the way. Totally my bad. I see now that I completely missed your first message.”

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