7-Second Thoughts April 12, 2024

Shatter your Glass Castle

You might be building one of your own without even knowing it

The Glass Castle is a Hall of Fame read by Jeannette Walls about her father

A very bright engineer who was forever perfecting the blueprints for a glass castle he wanted to build for his family

NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A SPOILER ALERT: He died trying to perfect his vision without ever putting a stake in the ground

I see what I call Glass Castle-ism with my clients, myself and even my kiddos

All. The. Time.

If it feels like you’re always about 75% of the way there with your website

You might actually be 100% of the way there.

See if this helps:

Make a copy of your home page word doc

Email a friend and tell them you’re going to send them your page in 25 minutes.

Do not wait for their response

Set timer on phone for 25 minutes

Finish page

Come hell or high water

No matter how horrible it looks

How embarrassing it might feel

How half-baked it sounds

However much you might come to find that it doesn’t even make sense

Or worse, you’ve got a whole new idea that’s so much better!

Jot it down somewhere, come back to it later

Write through all of it

Including and especially

Blank Mind

I don’t even know what to say!

You don’t care. Just say something. Anything. The best you can. To the best of your ability. In the time and space you have right now, my friend. Because this is all you have.

Do everything you possibly can to write your best guess at what a finished page looks like.

And when the timer goes off

Press send.

I’m here,


P.S. Yes, absolutely you can send me your page. Reply to this email with “You’ll have my page in 25 minutes.” And reply to the same email 25 minutes later.

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