7-Second Thoughts December 28, 2023


Rather than owe your client, have your client owe you.

If you find yourself working toward any kind of deadline for your client

You have set the expectation

For them to wait.

When’s it gonna be done?

When instead

All that time your client spends waiting

Could be spent

Showing up

Working with you

Giving you a window

Into what has made them so successful

In the first place.

Before you set a deadline:

Ask yourself:

Is there a way to put any time I might spend

Working without my client

Toward working with them

In as tight

And efficient of a manner

As possible

Taking the least amount of time

From both them

And myself?

If that’s possible,

Then you might start by asking your client some simple questions about their business

That you:

Gently, firmly, softly, loudly, repeatedly, encouragingly, hopefully, persuadingly (?), nudgingly (??), compassionately, wisely, mindfully

Insist that they answer

By the next time

You meet.

I’m here,


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