7-Second Thoughts December 4, 2023

Short-circuiting your prospect’s b.s. meter

What do your prospects believe is impossible or at least have a high degree of skepticism that you can help them with?

What has your prospect been over-promised?

What are they now convinced is impossible?

What have they given up all hope will ever happen?

What are you asking them to believe is actually possible?

And why hasn’t it happened yet?

What pain must they face that they do not want to face?

What is keeping them from facing their fear?

– loss of revenue?

– loss of clients?

It’s often one of the two.

If you can supplant yourself as the answer to these questions

Reworded in such a way

As to be crazy super specific to your prospect’s industry

And existential dilemma

You’ve at least

Bare minimum

Laid the foundation

For trust

I’m here,


*a.k.a. non-bee-ess-ery

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