7-Second Thoughts February 2, 2024

Since when is Wyoming boring?

and yet… their marketing convinces you that it is.

The competition to get tourists to open their increasingly tight wallets couldn’t be more fierce.

And yet, a very expensive mailer came to my home in Minnesota that encourages visitors to vacation in Cody, Wyoming

With nary a mention of ROI

See if this helps:

If you’re encouraging people to spend money

Talk about money

Even if it looks like you’re selling something as romantic and dreamy as a vacation

Ultimately, you’re selling your audience on:

This will be worth the money


You will not be bored

Cody, Wyoming is not boring, and totally worth the money

Assuming all their prospects see is:

Gorgeous photos of nature

Absolutely NONE of them interiors

And every last bit of copy focused squarely on just how gosh darn much there is to do in as few words as possible.

These 6 headlines – one for each spread – are a good start:





With the last 2 spreads having no copy whatsoever except:



I’m here,


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