7-Second Thoughts April 20, 2023

So you got the appointment …

A consistent writing practice helps you know what to say on the call

Whether you got your appointment through your website, email newsletter or LinkedIn post

The writing you do between your prospect accepting your appointment

And coming on the call, zoom or in-person meeting

Is the best possible preparation for the call.

See if this helps:

Set a timer for 10 minutes

And start writing an email to your prospect

That you will never send.

Just write and write and write

Anything that comes to mind

About what you’d like to say

What you want to ask about their business and their prospects

And the value you hope to freely offer them.

Tomorrow: do the same thing.

Rinse n’ repeat until the day of the call:

  1. Set timer.
  2. Write 10 minutes.
  3. Do not send.

I’m here,


P.S. Writing to a specific person serves 2 purposes. (1) It’s the best possible preparation for a sales call. (2) You might – just might – accidentally write your first series of emails of your new newsletter ????

SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE: You will almost certainly wind up saying things on the call that you never expected to say ????

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