7-Second Thoughts November 5, 2023

Talking about your job is hard

Talking about your customers is easy.

Did’ja ever notice that when someone asks:

So, what do you do?

You clam up?

I’m uh … I’m in logistics.

And yet, when the conversation turns to:

Your clients, your customers

Or anyone you sell to

Or work with

You talk yourself silly.

See if this helps:

Right after asking someone what they do

Consider making your next question

Something along the lines of:

Tell me about your clients.

What are they like?

What do you like about them?

What do you not like about them?

Do you wish you had more?

Or less?

Smarter ones?

Dumber ones?

Trust me when I say

Asking about your prospects’ clients

Can transform what is often the dullest

Of dull conversations

Into a riveting back and forth

For the both of you.

I’m here,


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