7-Second Thoughts November 26, 2023

The Bear

Struggling to answer an uncomfortable question can lead to killer content.

When you’re sitting down to write to your prospects

Consider asking the blank screen before you

A question

That you’d be rightfully concerned to ask your prospect

In person

Something like:

Why won’t you buy from me?

That’s a bear.

A big, beastly, Revenant-level bear.

As your fingers type like mad

Ideas for content including emails, webinar topics, podcast episodes, and more

Will spring forth

Like your business

And your life

Depends on it.

I’m here,


P.S. Watch this video where Matt asks Jeff a seemingly innocuous question that Jeff (Bridges) clearly does not want to answer. His struggle to do so would be a great story, perfect for an audience of actors, even if he never answered the question at all. Watch here

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