7-Second Thoughts January 24, 2024

THE. Last. Word. On. Logos.

that has to mean EVERYTHING.

Do you ever find yourself needing a word

Just one word

For – say – a logo

That has to have meaning, and brand and ALL THE THINGS?

And as a graphic designer

Sorry, did I mention that you’d be a graphic designer in this scenario?

You immediately get to work on finding just the right typeface


Rather than the word itself?

Personally, I think that’s EXACTLY what you should be doing, and here’s why:

It is not your job to come up with WORD

But I also don’t believe it’s a copywriter’s job either

I think the job of supplying that precious yet invaluable yet insightful yet meaningful yet catchy yet breakthrough yet perfect word

In my experience (as a copywriter)

Falls squarely on the shoulders of

The business owner

Aka, your client.

Can you do me a solid? 

I’m considering putting together a solution just for graphic designers

But I’m afraid of solving a problem

That simply does not exist

If you find yourself at a loss for word(s)

A loss that has you looking to a writer

Or ChatGPT

Rather than – say –

Your client

Could you reply to this email

With as little as an up or down thumb?

I’m here,


P.S. No, I will not ask you to hop on a quick chat, put your name on a waitlist or join a mastermind. I really, deeply, truly, sincerely just want to know. So that I can figure out if at some point down the road I should ask in this here newsletter if you’d like to chat, go on a waitlist or join a mastermind that truly, deeply, sincerely solves a problem that exists.

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