7-Second Thoughts April 11, 2024

The Powerpointless Home Page

Your prospect has no patience for rampant underthink

Amazon uses 6-page (front and back) memos for all their meetings.

Powerpoints – on the other hand – are grounds for dismissal.

And here’s why:

Powerpoints are easy to write

And hard for the audience to understand

Memos – at least the kind at Amazon –  can take up to 2 weeks to write 

The person hosting the meeting has to write it, rewrite it, edit it, and show it to people whose job is to poke holes in it so it can be written again.

Rather than bullet points, they use complete sentences with narrative structure to keep the audience from having to tease out their thinking or make assumptions

Like Amazonian memos, good, well-written home pages are there to seek the truth

To clarify a problem

And present a solution that makes it easy for the reader to decide if they agree, have questions, or want to discuss further

Home pages written in this style are more difficult to write

But leave your audience

Spoiled rotten.

I’m here,


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