7-Second Thoughts October 23, 2023

The proper length of lead magnets

How many words should my lead magnet be? ~ Long-time friend of the list Michael Fritzius

Every soloproneur knows they should have a lead magnet

But the very thought of writing one

Can be super intimidating.

See if this helps:

Consider making your first one

A sign-up page for your email outreach.

You’ll see in the example I use

That it took less than 25 minutes to write mine

And it’s not the least bit fancy.

But here’s the thing:

Whatever style or form your lead generator takes

And there are an infinite variety of them

If you pick one that puts you on the hook

To keep providing value to your reader

It just might be

The last lead generator

You ever have to write.

I’m here,


P.S. My most effective lead generator by a mile is here

P.P.S. Absolutely feel free to reply to this email with questions.

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