7-Second Thoughts August 20, 2021

The trick to getting prospects excited about your website.

You’ve been to that website. The one where you go “This is it, these people know exactly what I’m looking for.”

The key to capturing your prospect’s attention on your website is to make them the hero of the story.

Is your website all about your products, your services, and your history? News flash: your prospects want help with their business.

Does your product help people solve a major problem in their business? Tell them about their problem.

Will your services help them do their job better? Tell them about how much better.

Will your product help people increase revenue? Tell them how much of an increase.

When prospects come to your website, you want to make it incredibly easy for them to recognize in 7 seconds or less that you are the obvious solution to their problems.

The good news is: there’s a way to do that.

Make them the hero. Make yourself the guide. And everyone gets what they need.

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PS. Not sure if your current website is laser-focused on your prospect? Reply to this email with your current website headline and I’ll send you at least 3 versions that turn your prospect into the hero. Sound like a plan?

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