7-Second Thoughts October 31, 2023

The waiting game

Once your client has paid, the clock starts ticking.

How long is your client willing to wait

To see the fruits of your labor?


Delivering something of unexpected value

After the very first call of your engagement

For me, it’s often:

A headline

A positioning statement

A rough draft of an email

Something that reassures the client

That they’re getting what they paid for

And that it’s going to be

Better than they expected.

See if this helps:

The most sure-fire way

To give them that quick win

And take some of the pressure off of you

Is by sending an agenda

The night before

That puts you on the hook

To deliver the good(s).

I’m here,


P.S. Everyone has their own agenda. If you’d like my literal one, reply to this email and you shall receive.

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