7-Second Thoughts January 9, 2024

Think it less through

When your prospect likes an idea, chances are a lot of your prospects will like it too.

When you have an epiphany or insight

That elicits a response from members of your prospect list

That’s a key indicator

That you’re now on the same wavelength

As what your prospects need

Which means that the sooner you launch your product or service

The faster they’ll climb aboard.

See if this helps:

Daniel Pink’s “To Sell is Human” provides this take:

“The purpose of a pitch isn’t necessarily to move others immediately to adopt your idea. The purpose is to offer something so compelling that it begins a conversation, brings the other person in as a participant, and eventually arrives at an outcome that appeals to both of you. In a world where buyers have ample information and an array of choices, the pitch is often the first word, but it’s rarely the last.”

The fact that it’s not The Last Word

Gives you time to pitch a less than totally baked idea

And include your prospect in its creation

Before you chicken out

And come up with reasons

Why it’ll never work.

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