7-Second Thoughts May 22, 2023

Think it through, people.

Catchy but vague headlines are a sign that you’re asking your prospect to think for you.

If you find yourself writing a headline

That requires your reader to read the words below it

To figure out what your headline means

Really means that your prospect

Will skip whatever is below

Your Vague Headline


Try taking that very first line of copy

That’s currently below your headline

And make THAT your headline.

If it feels flat

Or not all that interesting

Keep thinking 🙂

I’m here,

P.S. Here’s the crazy part: The email you just read has one of the dullest headlines imaginable – “Instead.” But you made it to the end, no? The reason for that might be that if you keep your emails or website page about 1 complete thought, you might not need a headline at all.

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