7-Second Thoughts July 16, 2023

We sell ourselves first.

If we’re not sold on what we do, our prospect won’t be either.

Imposter syndrome has been overhyped a bit

And feels like it’s starting to come back down to earth


It’s ok, really.

We all feel like imposters to some extent.

It means we care about what we do.

See if this helps:

Overcoming the fear of selling

And learning to sell with confidence

Starts with learning what it is

We actually sell

That solves our clients biggest problems

And helps them achieve

Their greatest aspirations.

Which in many cases comes down

To formulating our business words

And sending them out

To our prospects

On a more regular basis

Which in turn

Internalizes what we do

Until our prospect

Internalizes them too.

I’m here,


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