7-Second Thoughts April 21, 2024

When AI comes for your mojo

The only thing we have to fear is allowing AI to destroy whatever part of the brain helps you build insight with regard to your marketing. ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States

My son came to me last week with a problem concerning his homework

Just like I do with my daily email, and my clients who want to learn this marketing skill, he too has to do the best he can to submit each homework assignment in 25 minutes or less*

Until he came to me at about the midway point and said:

“Dad, the assignment calls for one more paragraph, but I don’t have anything left to say!”

If your gut instinct here would be to turn to AI

This is where doing so might actually diminish your creative mojo

And here’s why:

I will tell you what I told him:

You have to make it up.

Making it up as best you can is what builds your creative muscle.

Opting to let AI comes up with the words is like asking AI to work out your muscles for you.

Sure, AI’s words might be better than what you could come up with yourself

But you’d build zero creative muscle, and block the insight that’s critical to building your authority

The very thing your marketing needs if it’s going to turn you into a value-generating juggernaut for your clients and prospects.

I’m here,


*If for some reason he can’t finish his assignment or he’s just not ready to, I still encourage him (and you) to take a 5 minute breather, and come back for a fresh 25.

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