7-Second Thoughts December 3, 2023

When even your WiFi password …

Says what you do and why your prospects should care.

Every coffee shop in existence has a wifi password

And then there’s the coffee shop that’s on a mission

To do one thing:

End Youth Homelessness.

On every table at Wildflyer Coffee

Sits a table-top sign telling you

Where to donate

Why they think you should

And how.

No mention of drink specials

Upcoming bands

Or gift cards for purchase.

You’re already there to buy coffee

What they want you to do now is

Loud & Clear.

See if this helps:

Could the name of what you offer

Be so simple and so laser-focused

On what you want your prospect to do

That it could be boiled down

To a WiFi password

That’s every bit as clear as:


I’m here,


P.S. Here is one way to end youth homelessness

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