7-Second Thoughts November 20, 2023

When to send?

Consider scheduling your emails, rather than sending them as soon as you’re done writing them.

One of the most overlooked features in emailing is the “Schedule Send” feature.

I can already hear you saying:

Why would I send it later if I can send it right now?

Here’s the thing:

Getting into the habit of picking a time to send an email

Can stop you from trying to perfect that email

Knowing you’ve got time before it goes out

But it also can help you be more mindful

Of when your prospect

Or client

Is most likely to open that email

Perhaps they’re night owls

Maybe they’re early risers

You might have noticed they tend to respond during their lunch hour

Perhaps they take offense to getting an email on a Sunday

No worries – simply write your email on a Sunday and schedule it to go out first thing Monday morning.

Taking a extra few seconds to schedule your send

Can be mutually beneficial

For both you

And your reader.

I’m here,


P.S. If you need help with Schedule Send, let me know right here and I’ll reply with a few easy steps.

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