7-Second Thoughts November 29, 2023

When your first name is the answer to all of your prospect’s problems

If all your content ever does is tie a direct link between the value your company offers and your first name, you’re good to go.

Ever go to those reviews for a big company but you keep seeing one name pop up?

Like a plumber?

“We loved Johnson Plumbing. Cheryl was amazing.” 

“Cheryl came out on short-notice and solved the problem.”

“Our basement flooded right before a big dinner party we were having and Cheryl was there to save the day.”

Johnson Plumbing does not care that Cheryl’s gettin’ all the credit.

All Johnson Plumbing cares about is that when a problem arises

You’ve got “a Cheryl”

And that Cheryl works for them.

How to Become a Cheryl:

Whether you send out content on behalf of your own company

Or the company you work for

Do 3 things:

  1. Pack as much value, clarity, and generosity in as little space as possible
  2. Do not send the email from [email protected]
  3. Send it from Your First Name*

*the human who’s going to save the day

I’m here,


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