7-Second Thoughts February 7, 2024

Why the “Airplane Oxygen Mask” metaphor

Will never die.

The flight attendant’s instructions on what to do if the cabin should suddenly lose pressure and the yellow oxygen masks drop down is to …

Say it with me now:

Secure your mask first, and then help the other person.

The implied message being:

If you’re not breathing, you can’t help your co-dependents breathe

Which All of Marketing has used ever since as a metaphor anytime they need you to:

Feel Good About Being Selfish


I am not immune to the effects of my own industry

Which is why I’m going on record

To promote a new service

In the coming weeks

Whose primary benefit

Is to help you:

Market your own business first


You market your clients

All because of my other favorite marketing cliché:

You can’t afford NOT to!

I’m here,


P.S. But wait there’s more …

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