7-Second Thoughts May 26, 2023

Write TO your prospect

Writing comes easier and quicker when you write directly to your future clients.

One of the biggest reasons solopreneurs

Stop writing on LinkedIn or any other social channel

Is that it feels soulless

Like you’re writing in a vacuum

Not knowing where it’s going

Or to whom it’s going to.

And as joyful as the writing can be

If it doesn’t lead to a conversation

About how you can help

And what you can offer

It can make you question

The point of it all


See if this helps:

If you’re writing anywhere

LinkedIn, facebook, or any other social channel


Extra please, please

Do not stop writing

But take whatever you’ve written

And copy n’ paste it

In an email first

To a group of people

That are now waiting to hear

What you have to say.

I’m here,


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