7-Second Thoughts January 16, 2024

Your design firm can’t be EPIC

Your niche, however, must be.

From LA Confidential to Argo all the way up to in-theaters-now Ferrari, even – and especially – the most ambitious film makers who set out to create grand, sweeping cinematic visions, quickly settle on narrowing the focus of their narrative down to one race, one court case, even one 1 single day.

Which ironically allows the director to represent an epic vision of:

1950s Los Angeles

The Iran Hostage Crisis

The 85-Year History of a Car Company

All of which would’ve been incredibly dense, vapid and complicated for the audience

And a total box office bomb

If they had set out to produce

The. Last. Word. Ever. On. Gargantuan. Topic.

See if this helps:

If your design agency is trying to have final say on your prospect’s problem

Consider focusing on a very specific pain point

Attached to an even more specific struggle

That has your very specific audience

On the edge of their seat.

I’m here,


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