7-Second Thoughts January 22, 2023

Your prospect “ain’t” coming back.

“Shane, come back!” ~ From the 1953 classic Shane

Billy Crystal’s one-man stage play 700 Sundays features a hilarious bit about going to see the movie Shane with Billie Holiday (yes, THE Billie Holiday) when he was 7. While the movie ends with a kid yelling at the titular character (and his hero) Shane to “Come back!,” Billy’s bit ends with his matinee companion/babysitter bellowing at the screen:


The bad news is:

The majority of your prospects will never return to your website

The good news is:

Your homepage can make it clear as day

HOW you help people

And WHO you help

In the first 7 seconds

Then take the NEXT 7 seconds

And make it equally clear to your prospect

That they should sign up for your consistent emails

So that either:

Day after day

Week after week

Or month after month

YOU get to keep coming back.

I’m here,


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