7-Second Thoughts October 6, 2021

Your prospect is addicted to headlines

If your prospect only read the headlines of your website, would they contact you?

You don’t read a website like you would a novel.

You tend to make your way down the page

Almost like a bee going from flower to flower

Landing on big, bold, shiny words

That give you a sense of the business

Glancing here and there

Until you have what you need to click

Let’s get started!

See if this helps:

WEBSITE: Ted Weaver Real Estate – Des Moines, IA

FIRST 7 SECONDS: Buying or selling your home doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Relax and celebrate your closing with the help of an experienced Iowa Real Estate Agent to guide you.

And now …


What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

Your Perfect Home Awaits

An Iowa Real Estate Agent that Works Hard and Puts Your Priorities First

A Simple Plan For Both Buyers And Sellers

And finally…

5 Keys to Buying the Right Home

Yup, I’ve got enough to give Ted a call based solely on his headlines.

I’m here,


P.S. Let’s make your homepage headline-worthy in 1 hour! Schedule your Zoom Homepage Working Session with Kevin here.

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