7-Second Thoughts July 18, 2023

Your standup routine

Your marketing could be considered a comedy act.

Because a comedian lives and dies by whether or not they get a laugh

They’re always on the hunt for new material to test out

Most of which they write

In sporadic moments

Throughout their day

Which in turn makes them highly perceptive

To any incident

That just might fit

Into their routine.

Your marketing routine

Ain’t all that different

See if this helps:

The more consistently you write

NOTE: The more “consistently”

As opposed to “the more”

You write

Meaning the more you walk away

And come back

And walk away

And come back to the work

The more you will uncannily find ideas

All around you

To put in your marketing act.

And that’s when your marketing

Starts to feel

Every bit as fun

As a standup’s.

I’m here,


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