7-Second Thoughts November 16, 2022

Your website is not “for company.”

Please do not treat your website like your grandparent’s plastic-covered couch.

Yes, you are allowed to:

Change it

Mess with it

Spill coffee on it

And overcome your fear of emailing your designer for just 1 small change.

Better yet: ask your designer if she or he can teach you to make quick copy changes

Especially, especially, especially

How to add testimonials.

See if this helps:

The more you get into the habit of writing your business words consistently

The easier it will be

And the more fearless and

Dare I say demanding

You will become

About making your website

Laser-focused on the only thing capable of bringing in revenue:

The words.

I’m here,


P.S. And yes, your designer may submit a bill for such services :-).

P.P.S. Which might be the best investment you ever make in your business.

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