7-Second Thoughts July 6, 2023

Your website’s audio version

Your prospect wants you to read your website out loud to them – live and in-person.

People hopping on a sales call with you

Almost certainly came by means OTHER than your website

Most likely by way of email, a referral, LinkedIn post

Or networking event


You have to assume they haven’t read your website

And even if they have

They didn’t necessarily get the information

That you wanted them to have

In the way you meant for them to perceive it.

See if this helps:

At some point on a sales call

Your prospect will want to know what you do

And more importantly

What you can offer them.

Be ready with your website

And read as much of it as you can

As if it’s a script

And here’s why:

It’s a good stress test

To see which words your prospects respond to

And gives you a way to articulate your value

And refine your script

In real time

Over and over and over

With the person

That matters most.

I’m here,


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