7-Second Thoughts April 17, 2024

Your accountabilly-buddy

A number of readers responded to last Friday’s email expressing their support for Shatter Your Glass Castle

Longtime friend of the list James Turner’s response (excerpted here with permission):

Thanks, James!

But does this actually work?

I thought it only fair to try it myself.

Over the past 2 mornings I’ve sent 8 pages of a new website I’m creating to my friend Kellee Carroll.

Every 25 minutes I emailed a complete draft

With a 5-minute break in between

Until I’d sent the 4 pages I promised

In a 2-hour chunk of time

Here’s how it felt:

Pretty good with a hint of awful

I had to get a little angry – not even kidding

See if this helps:

I think these short bursts of fierce urgency

Is exactly what’s needed

It forced me to make decisions I kept putting off

And stopped me from coming up with ever more ideas

Which only served to push out my launch date.


I’m going again tomorrow

And never going back.

I’m here,


P.S. The offer still stands. Reply to this email with, “Kevin, I’m sending you a web page in 25 minutes.” And then do it, no matter what other voices may tell you otherwise.

NOTE: I will only respond with a “message received.” Because that’s what keeps you going. You have to trust that your accountabilly-buddy will not judge. Their sole purpose is to keep you true to your word.

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