I write

That get prospects interested in
what you do in 7 seconds or less

Generate leads from your website

Work with
ideal customers

Close sales a heckuva lot faster

Your website might as well
be broken.

Instead of generating leads, your website is actually costing you sales because prospects don't know:

  1. What you do

  2. Why they should care

  3. How you can help their business

We all do it. If we don't get a sense of what a business does and why we should care in the first 7 seconds, we're outta there.

Here's What Others Have Said

"If you suffer from not drawing in enough leads, or drawing in the wrong leads, Kevin is someone you should work with."

Cam Dwyer - Business Development - Trendex

3 Ways to Work Together

Working Session

Is your website bringing in virtually no leads and you don’t know why? Imagine sitting down 1-on-1 with an award-winning website writer to not only find the gaps where your leads are getting lost but also the words you need to keep them interested. After your LIVE! 7-Second Homepage Working Session you will have words you can implement immediately to start creating leads from your homepage.

Website Blueprint $5,000

Did your website bring you zero leads last month? Imagine having a detailed action plan of how to get site visitors excited enough to call you out of the blue. The 7-Second Homepage Blueprint is a 3 week engagement that will give you a step-by-step roadmap on how to craft and propagate a crystal clear message across your website to start bringing more leads. 

Website Launchpad $15,000

Do you want to rewrite your website but don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself? Imagine having a certified pro write all your messaging for you. The 7-Second Website Launchpad is a 6-8 week engagement where I articulate your brand messaging, write all the copy for your website, and provide a full set of rough page designs. 

The 7-Second Difference

I believe your website has one job:

Get prospects excited about your business before they bolt for your competitors.

Hi, I'm Kevin Freidberg

After 17 years working for world famous advertising agencies I came to one conclusion:

Prospects don't come to your website to understand your business.

They come to understand how you can help their business.

If you can make that clear to them in 7 seconds or less, you've got yourself a lead.


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Do you want a 7-Second Website?

Here’s how to connect:

Schedule a FREE 30-minute call with me to see if there’s a good fit. 

(Don’t worry this won’t be a pushy sales call. I just want to make sure there’s something I can do to help you before any money changes hands.)

Put Our Clients' Websites to the 7-Second Test

Know what they do and why it matters in


7-Second Website clients show up, dig deep and clarify their message for their prospects. See for yourself!

Your prospect decides in 7 seconds

That's more than enough time for your prospect to want to know more about your business and contact you.

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Your Fast Pitch Worksheet

The secret sauce to a website that stays laser-focused on your prospect

Download Your Fast Pitch Worksheet so you can:

  • Say what you do and why your prospect should care in 7 seconds or less!

  • Attract ideal prospects that are excited to buy from you!

  • Start building a steady pipeline of leads for your business!

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